What Accessories Should I Wear/Bring to the Interview?

This is such a simple question! However, it oftentimes makes us think twice and feel overwhelmed, enough that it may create temporary stress that could be perceived as an over-worried personality. Between LEAF1 and LEAF2, we have been involved with more than 100 interviews (either as interviewees or interviewers), and we have really seen some pretty cool ideas out there! So, here are some of our thoughts!

Purse or portfolio: In all honesty, it doesn’t matter what purse/tote/bag you carry as long as the bag is professional looking. Similar to your attire (seen previously), you want to keep the bag simple to avoid the attention being taken away from yourself or the interviewer(s). Bring a purse/tote that doesn’t distract anyone during the interview. Avoid bags with large (visible) logos and/or too colorful. Monochromatic bags are great for interviews. Keep the bag simple, functional, and professional. For those with minimal items to carry, a leather (or felt) portfolio may be a better alternative. LEAF1 loves her felt portfolio and carries it to all her meetings (and possibly, future interviews). Portfolios (aka Padfolios) can range from $20-$2000. Personally, we like our portfolios to be simple, thin and classic. Here are some of our favorites!

Iphone Case: Caseology; Amazon | Felt portfolio (sleeve for Microsoft Surface): Amazon | Lip glow: Sephora


IPad Portfolio: Dodo Case
Signature ballistic nylon with leather trim Letterpad: Tumi

Jewelry: When it comes to earrings and/or bracelets, avoid swinging earrings and arms full of colorful (and even monochromatic) bracelets. It’s important to choose accessories that are not too loud. Keep in mind that when wearing accessories to an interview, less is more! The classic pearl studs has been seen again and again on interviewees, and you can purchase that anywhere! Check out the double sided pearl stud earrings below! If there’s a bold jewelry piece that has been passed on to you for good-luck, do wear it and share your story with the interviewer(s)! We will revisit this topic for more coverage!

Double sided pearl stud earrings: As seen here
Our favorite: Swarovski
Keep it simple! Belt: Banana Republic (old; similar: Express) | Blazer: J-crew

Pantyhose: Currently, up for debate. Apparently, other sites have surveyed this question already and the answer was overpoweringly yes. So, Yes!-wear pantyhose. Others have said that this decision depends on a number of factors such as a company’s dress code/culture and the “generation” that you belong to. But LEAF1 and LEAF2 like to stay on the safe side, so we always wear pantyhose to interviews (whether we like it or not…). Stick to nude or black tights!

Basic tights: Loft
Bag: Kate Spade (Similar) | Shoes: Nordstrom Rack

We would love to hear your thoughts! 


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