How to wear it to work: Midi Skirts

LEAF1 and LEAF2 love Midi Skirts! They are so fun to wear to work and outside of the work environment. We have also worn midi skirts to several weddings. That’s why, we firmly believe that every woman should own a midi skirt! So how do you know if you’re purchasing a “midi” skirt (or dress)? As long as the length falls below the knee and above the ankle!


When buying a midi skirt/dress, make sure the hem line doesn’t fall at the widest part of your calves to avoid adding a few extra pounds. Additionally, if you’re trying to avoid the bulk around the waist area, make sure you select the midi skirt that is not pleated. If you’re petite, pleated midi skirts are great to create the voluminous look.

Here’s an example of a midi skirt that falls at the widest part of the calves (not good!)

When wearing a voluminous midi skirt to work, we try to pair it with a simple shirt to keep the look minimal (see above). We have also paired it with a denim top to create that casual style (aka I-look-cute-but-didn’t-try-too-hard-this-morning look). Most people tend to tuck their shirts inside their midi skirts. But you don’t have to if that’s not your style – just make sure the shirt is fitted and belt your outfit.

Old, but similar here!

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! Happy Valentines Day everyone! Thank you for your support!


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