Packing Tips For Work Travel

Traveling for work can be so much fun! Going to conferences or other offices to meet new people and see new ways of doing things can be incredibly insightful and rewarding. However, packing for work trips can be very different than packing for vacation. Whether it is for interviews, conferences, or visits, LEAF 1 and LEAF 2 have done their fair share of business-related travel and have some tips to make your trip a success!
Bring a water bottle: Traveling in general tends to leave us dehydrated, and to make matters worse, water costs about 3-4 times as much in a conference center or airport than it does anywhere else. Bring your own reusable water bottle to fill up after you pass through security and keep yourself from getting parched throughout your entire trip.
Anti-bottle Vapur Eclipse: Here
Be prepared for security: This may seem simple, but LEAF 2 has enough stories about people being non-compliant with the security line to write a book. Don’t be the person who holds up the line because you don’t know the rules, or you want to argue the rules with the federal agent who enforces them. They’re actually laws, so they aren’t changing because someone complained about them today.
To make your process through the line faster, here are a few quick but useful tips: wear easily removable shoes, wear socks (the floors can be a little gross), don’t wear large metal jewelry or a belt, wear as few layers as possible, have your computer (without it’s cord) on top of your bag and ready to put in its own bin, have your liquids in a bag you can remove easily (though this is a rule that is being scaled back, this also keeps your liquids from exploding all over your neatly packed clothes), push your bags all the way into the scanner before you step into the line for the body scanner or metal detector.

Invest in a handy suitcase scale: If you’re planning to bring back souvenirs or go shopping on your trip, this is a cheap and lightweight investment that will help you to make sure you don’t go over the weight limitations for your carry on or checked luggage. You simply hold it up, and hang your bag or suitcase on it and, like a produce scale, it will show you how much it weighs.

Digital Luggage Scale: Here

Use every pocket: When you pack your carry on or your checked bag, use every pocket/zipper you can. It is helpful to spread out your belongings, in the event of theft, but it is also helpful to use all the built-in storage to keep your necessary items safe and protected.


Bring business cards: When you are traveling for work, take every opportunity to network and meet people who you can learn from and who inspire you to take back great ideas to your own workplace. While business cards have been around for a long time, many people still carry them and find them helpful to remember the person they spoke with and how to contact you! It’s also a great way to ask for someone’s information in return. But don’t just take the business card and file it away somewhere- follow up! Email people that you meet at a conference or visit a week or so after you get back so that they remember you and you maintain that connection you made. Then make sure to stay in touch.

Last but not least, do have fun! Here are some pictures from our Iceland Trip!

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What are your work travel tips? Leave us a comment below and follow us on instagram for more tips!


2 thoughts on “Packing Tips For Work Travel”

  1. Great tips! I travel for work exclusively and one thing that I absolutely love is packing cubes. I had never used them prior to October (when my friend brought them on our trip to Hawaii) and it is so much easier to stay organized with them. Even if the item that you want is in the bottom cube, it’s easy to take all the cubes out, access the item you need, and put them all right back in.

    Also when I am packing for a long trip and I am not sure which suitcase is going to fit my stuff… it’s easy to make a last minute up or downsize if you just throw the packing cubes from one suitcase to the other rather than trying to neatly re-fold everything.

    These are the kind I have: but I don’t think it matters which ones you buy. They are all helpful.

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