Jeans for Women with Short Legs

According to these smart people, more than 50% of women (20-80 yoa!!) are under 5’4″. That makes shopping for some of our clothing tougher than it should be! Leaf 1 and Leaf 2 are both one of them (falling short under 5’3″).  We are not complaining about our height, but we understand that it can be extremely difficult to find jeans that do not require us to get creative and roll up that hem!

We don’t want to pay for Jeans that cost $50.00 and pay for the hemming service at the Dry Cleaner for another $20.00. Definitely not worth it! (Believe us because Leaf 1 has some hands on experience (aka worked at a sweatshop…more on that later)). So, where can we find Jeans for women with short legs? Some women with short legs are not petite (like Leaf 1), so going to the petite section just doesn’t cut it. Therefore, knowing your inseam length is remarkably helpful to purchase accurate clothing sizes. Here are the steps to find your inseam length:

  1. Use a pair of pants in your closet to help you find your inseam length. Choose a pair of pants that fit you perfectly; they aren’t too long or too short, and are just tight enough to be comfortable.
  2. Fold your pants. Fold them in half vertically, so that you can only see a single leg.
  3. Smooth them out. Lay them out on an ironing board or the floor. Smooth them out so there aren’t any wrinkles or bumps, and the fold is evenly lined u
  4. Make note of your measurement. The measurement in inches (or centimeters) from the crotch of the pants to the hem is your inseam length.

If you have any doubts, you can always head to your friendly tailor to get some advice!

Some of our favorite stores with a variety of inseam measurements are as follows: Madewell (love love love!- jeans below are from Madewell!), Banana Republic/Gap (same parent company – hit or miss so make sure to check the inseam measurements), ASOS, and Armani Exchange (although their clothes are a bit petite).


Finally, keep in mind that lots of stores (such as Uniqlo and Lululemon) offer FREE measurements and alterations. It’s not done on the day of purchase, but it’s a great feeling to get the perfectly sized garment in the mail!


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