How to Wear it to Work: Culottes

I know what you’re thinking..there is no way to wear culottes in a traditional, conservative work setting. However, culottes have gone through a variety of phases, from slouch and casual, to polished and chic. There are even athletic culottes!

Asos: Here and Featured Image

A structured pair of colored culottes (complete with pleats!) pairs well with a button down top, or blouse with ruffles in the front. Tucking your top in creates silhouette, and adding heels, even a kitten heel, can make culottes work-ready. (Below, a good comparison from a work-outfit to a happy-hour outfit with culotte pants!).


Wide legged jumpers can also be great for work. They’re one piece and incredibly comfortable…what more could you want? Leaf 1 paired her culotte jumper (from Target) with a belt, blazer, and heels to create a classic look with a very modern piece. Interestingly, colored culottes are almost easier to dress up than dark colored ones, but the key is structure and a high quality fabric to make culottes work appropriate.

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