Case Series – Future Leaders

If you read the ‘About Us’ section, you’ll find that both Leaf1 and Leaf2 want to use this platform to encourage everyone to succeed in life. Bloggers/authors are leaders in some capacity. But what is a leader? Since good leadership is vital, this topic has been studied for centuries. After reading multiple sources (one of many is from here), we noted that leaders tend to have these following characteristics:

  • Empathetic
  • Passionate
  • Collaborative
  • Creative
  • Influential
  • Innovative
  • Socially intelligent

If you read business case studies from sources like the Harvard Business Review or special reports from Knowledge@Wharton, you’ll find that leaders come in all shapes and sizes, including characteristics. What works for this environment or scenario may not be applicable to a different setting, and that’s OK. We are all learning together.

Absolutely, we love a good fashion blog. But we are just as excited to share views from future leaders! These two selected future leaders (Christine‘s podcast and Sunish‘s podcast) are student pharmacists from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, the first pharmacy  program in North America. The program is truly exceptional with nearly 200 years of experience.

On another note, we have partnered up with a Medical Mission team to sell T-shirts! How cute is that!? We (and a few friends) will be “modeling” these T-shirts for everyone to see next month! All proceeds go towards costs for medical supplies and medications. More on how to order and support in the near future! We are proud to support this group of future leaders as they work to provide health care services in rural communities. Comment below to tell us how you are leading your community or profession!

Leaf2 and Leaf1: Mission trip participants in 2014; Featured image: Leaf1 and Leaf2 staying hydrated after a long day of serving rural communities.






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