Versatile Dresses

Some work dresses are classics, and some push the fashion envelope, but the fact of the matter is that wearing a dress always makes you feel a little…different. Sometimes they make you feel beautiful, sometimes they make you feel powerful, once in a while they make you really uncomfortable, and sometimes they make you feel like a little kid! Pants just aren’t that emotionally versatile! So while we love pants, we decided to blog about a couple tips and tricks for dresses in the workplace.


Classic LBD: A nice, conservative, black dress (previously worn here) can be the most versatile thing in your closet. With a pair of tights (previously posted here) and classy low heels, you can be dressed appropriately for a day at the computer, giving a speech, or seeing patients. Or all three! By nature, a black dress is a little fancier than other colors, so if you are on a budget, a cheap black dress is a great multitasker. With heels-it can be dressy enough for going out on the town. With flats, it can be worn for everyday activities, or when you’re on the go. With accessories-it looks like a different dress every day.

Jewel Tones: We’ve always loved a pretty, rich, jewel tone (dress above: Old Navy). They’re flattering on everyone for a reason, they’re beautiful! This green beauty, (found on super sale for $8!) looks good even in the depths of Winter (or early Spring here on the East Coast) because it truly flatters every skin tone. Plus, every time of year is a good time for a pretty pop of bright color. Like the LBD, you can dress this up with glitzy shoes (BCBG), accessories, and bag (Kate Spade), but it can also be dressed down with these boots and functional work bag.


Non-fitted dresses: A note about dresses that seem to be baggy-if you like the color and overall style, you can ALWAYS cinch the waist with a good belt. This green dress kind of looks like a sack without the belt, but drawing in the waist allows the fabric to fall loosely, but has a tailored look. This is a GO TO for making a dress more appropriate for a dressier work environment. But for casual wear…let the extra fabric flow! More to come on this topic in a future blog!



4 thoughts on “Versatile Dresses”

  1. You have reminded me how much difference a thin little belt can make when attempting to look a little more polished. My goal tomorrow is to add a belt! Thanks for all the great ideas.


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