Month: March 2017

What to do when you don’t get the job?

There is no doubt about it, after going through the application and interview process, not getting an offer for the job you wanted can be disheartening. It’s OK to feel upset for a short time, but we did a little research on other things to do to make the best of a disappointing situation. Thank

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How to Prepare for An Interview

This morning was “Match-Day”! So it is only fitting that we tackle a big career topic today – How to Prepare for a Job Interview. While different jobs have slightly different key points for preparation, the concepts are the same. We will give you some tips on making sure that you are ready to make

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Faux Leather Skirt, Work Appropriate?

So one day, Leaf 1 was in a meeting and this lady walked into the meeting wearing leather skirt. Leaf 1 gasped because 1) She was looking fierce and foxy (at work?) and 2) She was looking good! Apparently,  they did a survey on this topic four years ago! 76 participants voted YES (work appropriate)

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