Transitioning Your Work Wardrobe for Spring


Spring Daydreaming

It’s March! Birds are chirping, yesterday it was 70 degrees, and you’re all ready to bust out your short sleeves and floral patterns…but today it’s snowing sideways and under 20 degrees. That’s right, it’s Spring, and it seems to be the most difficult season to dress for when you wake up and there is still frost on the ground, but by the time you leave work, it is sweltering. Being that we have lived and worked in a multitude of climates, we have picked up a few tips for dressing for this quandary.

Workable layers: Many times LEAF 2 has been guilty of saving a shirt or two that can only be worn with something over it. You know the one I’m talking about-it looks good in the front, but there is a stain on the back, or it has an open back which would definitely not be acceptable in the workplace. In Spring when the weather is variable, you need every layer to work independently. We love this long sleeved, unique lace top for when your heating up in the afternoon. Lightweight and decorative scarves are also a good idea to get you to work in the morning, but easy to shed once you warm up.


Top: H&M       Similar: Nordstrom

Lightweight blazers or jackets: Blazers can literally be worn for almost any scenario, but your medium and lightweight blazers can be useful in the Spring. In the morning, they add an extra layer of warmth, but they don’t stifle you when the 70 degree day sneaks up on you. This blush blazer is so fun for the season! And you can dress it up with a floral shirt, or chunky accessories.



Blazer: LOFT          Similar: Asos

Heavier pants: When its still pretty chilly outside, but you are desperately yearning for spring, wool pants in a light color can be a great wardrobe piece. LEAF 2 wears this pair year round, but is particularly fond of them when channeling Spring vibes.


Pants: Loft       Similar: Nordstrom

What are some of your favorite Spring transition pieces or tips! Leave us a comment below.



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