Faux Leather Skirt, Work Appropriate?

So one day, Leaf 1 was in a meeting and this lady walked into the meeting wearing leather skirt. Leaf 1 gasped because 1) She was looking fierce and foxy (at work?) and 2) She was looking good! Apparently,  they did a survey on this topic four years ago! 76 participants voted YES (work appropriate) and 67 participants voted NO.

Both Leaf 1 and Leaf 2 love anything that can be worn for multiple occasions, and that includes leather skirts! Leather skirts can be worn to a happy hour, to a bachelorette party (guilty!), to a special date, and to a girls’ night out! Leaf 1 purchased the leather skirt a few months ago, and she has put it to good use! But what about wearing the faux leather skirt to work? If you’re interested in giving this look a try, here are some tips:

  1. A-line vs. Pencil Leather Skirts: If you’ve never worn a leather skirt to work before, then try the A-line leather skirt first. The A-line shape will create the casual and feminine look, rather than the tough/sleek feel of the leather. Once you’re comfortable strutting the A-line leather skirt around the office, then move on to the pencil leather skirt. Whether A-line and/or pencil leather skirts, make sure the length is appropriate for work!

    Asos: Here ; SheIn: Here

  2. Picking the right top to go with the leather skirt is probably the key to balance the sleek look. Pair the skirt with a top that is feminine without it being racy or raunchy. A button-up shirt is a great option! Denim button-up shirt will make the look so chic and polished.IMG_1705
  3. Complete the look with a flowy /moderately oversized cardigan or blazer. If the look (skirt + top) is simple and clean, pair it with a fun cardigan/blazer. In this case, Leaf 1 paired her outfit with a bomber jacket to welcome Spring. Adding the cardigan/blazer will complete the look at work. You can easily take the cardigan/blazer off once you’re at a happy hour (after work) with your co-workers.

Skirt: Here

Bomber Jacket (Similar above)

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2 thoughts on “Faux Leather Skirt, Work Appropriate?”

  1. Both Skirt looks so amazing…surly gonna buy soon. it can be worn on many occasions. it is just classic and you are very elegant and beautiful. The shoes and the bag is complementing the dress really well.


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