Friday Finds

This week, we’ve found some amazing maxi dresses to wear this Summer! And some of these are 40% off! Enjoy!!

Marigold off the shoulder dress
Marigold off the shoulder maxi dress: Loft
Loft Beach Shimmer Stripe Drawstring Dress
Beach shimmer stripe drawstring dress: Loft
Agnes dress.jpg
Agnes dress: Revolve
Gigi Midi Dress.jpg
Gigi midi dress: Revolve
Eyelet midi dress.jpg
Eyelet midi dress: Revolve
Floral front tie maxi dress.jpg
Floral front tie maxidress: Shein
White flower print off the shoulder maxi dress.jpg
Flower print off the shoulder maxi dress: Shein
Backless print wrap maxi dress.jpg
Backless print wrap maxi dress: Shein
Women's Eliza Print Chiffon Dress.jpg
Eliza print maxidress: Nordstrom

Friday Finds

It’s FRIYAY!! We’ve found some great skirts and can’t wait to share the news with you! These are our top picks for the Spring/Summer. These skirts are great for work and for fun! Enjoy!

Floral Skirt - LOFT
Floral Skirt: Loft


Ruffle Skirt _Ann Taylor
Ruffled Pencil Skirt: Ann Taylor


Maxi Skirt in Dusty Rose
Maxi Skirt in Dusty Rose: Revolve
Button Midi Skirt_Top Shop
Button Midi Skirt: Top Shop
Jungle Flora Pencil Skirt_Ann Taylor
Jungle Floral Pencil Skirt: Ann Taylor
Button Side Midi Skirt_Top Shopt
Button Side Midi Skirt: Top Shop

Communication Tools in the Workplace

Communication may be the single most important skill we have as humans. While we have the ability to communicate with one another, some of us work our whole lives to become good at communicating in our work setting. More on specific communication skills at a later date, but today, we wanted to talk about avenues for communication in a health care setting-and how to use them.


Email is an easy and ever-accessible form of communication. It allows you to be more verbose than some electronic venues, and can allow for the most thorough written descriptions. For answering complex questions, or referring to literature, policies, or other documents, email gives us a platform to provide extensive information to anyone, anywhere around the world, at any time of day. It also allows for crafting a well-worded message, despite any emotional tensions that may be involved in a given scenario. However, email has a few downfalls. Although email etiquette varies with regard to expectations for response time, but in general, emails should not require an immediate response. Additionally, sometimes sensitive subjects, including those that could be taken the wrong way, really require a face-to-face conversation. There are many sources on email etiquette, we like this one.

Paging or Texting

Paging or texting a colleague is great for short messages or thoughts. These forms of communication typically elicit a faster response, but are even more limited in characters than emails. While emails typically have a plethora of etiquette articles and teachings, paging or texting has far less literature associated. This article posted on LinkedIn gives a few tips, but on the whole, texting in the workplace is not standardized. In fact, some workplaces ban use of cell phones in the workplace. The best thing to do to understand expectations with regard to texting is to establish them with your supervisor-if a work text is sent, how long do I have to respond? What is my obligation to respond after hours?

As a side note, it’s always safest to use proper grammar, and leave the emojis out of your work texts or pages.

Verbal conversations

While we have a number of electronic communication options, nothing can substitute for a face to face conversation. But a conference call, or video call can come close, can still connect a number of people, particularly when distance is an issue. Consider carefully the content of your message, and the urgency, when deciding whether to discuss verbally, or electronically. However, preparation for a verbal conversation that is sensitive should be just as thorough as a well thought out written response. One excellent resource is a book called “Crucial Conversations” by Patterson and Grenny. This is one of the few books that will truly be LIFE CHANGING. Available on Amazon here, this book is truly useful for every conversation you have at work or at home.

What are your favorite communication tips? What topics would you like us to delve further into? Leave us a message below!

General Tips when Shopping at SheIn (online website)

If you have been reading along for a while, then we are sure you have noticed that we love G-O-O-D D-E-A-L-S! There are some brands we don’t mind forking out extra bucks for a peace that’s timeless. But when we are chasing the fashion trend that may last for a hot minute (or two), we are extremely conservative about how we like to spend our money.  Regardless of the price range, we want to make sure the quality is (somewhat) great so that we can wear it more than once.

We discovered SheIn approximately two years ago. We were skeptical at first – International website?! Items look too cute!? Prices cannot be beat?! Sizing is questionable?! Well, guess what – we have ordered from SheIn multiple times!

International website/Shipping: We have ordered multiple times and have always received our items on-time (roughly 2 weeks).

Items look too cute, but how is the quality?: Well, the tricky part is that you can’t view these items in person – online purchasing only. However, what you can do is review the fabrics/materials of the garment. Are you looking for something that is 100% cotton? Wool? Denim? etc.. Being aware of this information will increase the probability that the item will meet your expectations later when you receive it in the mail.

Prices can’t be beat: It’s true. Moderately good quality for prices that can’t be beat!

Sizing is questionable: You can eliminate the headache (and this problem) by knowing your own measurements before making any purchase online.

Lets compare SheIn to Forever21: I purchased a dress from Forever21 recently to compare the dress with an exact “SAME” dress from SheIn.  Below are some pictures for comparison (lighting was a bit off – Sorry!). As pictured, these items look identical. Forever21’s dress is priced at ~$23; SheIn’s dress is priced at ~$14. However, these items are actually different due to materials. Forever21’s dress: Shell (100% rayon); lining (100% polyester). SheIn’s Dress: Cotton.

Forever21: Dress