Wearing Hot Pink Clothes to Work?!

Sometimes, you just need to wear pink to work. While bright colors is not exactly “faux pas,” it can be difficult to wear a head to toe, hot pink/fuschia look to work.

A pop of color is safe, and a good way to work a little Spring or Summer into your wardrobe. This top was a great find! You can purchase one similar at Express or at Old Navy, and Leaf2 wears it all the time with black or gray (or green), and bright pink lips. It may be wrong, but just that pop of pink adds a great deal of confidence throughout the day.


This pink dress from StyleWe takes pink confidence to the next level! This dress is great for work because the material is great quality, the dress has solid structure through the shoulders and midsection, but isn’t too fitted. The unique neckline isn’t too revealing for work, and the dress is overall super comfortable. It is important to downplay your accessories for a formal work setting in a dress this powerful, but that makes it all the easier to throw on at the last minute.




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