General Tips when Shopping at SheIn (online website)

If you have been reading along for a while, then we are sure you have noticed that we love G-O-O-D D-E-A-L-S! There are some brands we don’t mind forking out extra bucks for a peace that’s timeless. But when we are chasing the fashion trend that may last for a hot minute (or two), we are extremely conservative about how we like to spend our money.  Regardless of the price range, we want to make sure the quality is (somewhat) great so that we can wear it more than once.

We discovered SheIn approximately two years ago. We were skeptical at first – International website?! Items look too cute!? Prices cannot be beat?! Sizing is questionable?! Well, guess what – we have ordered from SheIn multiple times!

International website/Shipping: We have ordered multiple times and have always received our items on-time (roughly 2 weeks).

Items look too cute, but how is the quality?: Well, the tricky part is that you can’t view these items in person – online purchasing only. However, what you can do is review the fabrics/materials of the garment. Are you looking for something that is 100% cotton? Wool? Denim? etc.. Being aware of this information will increase the probability that the item will meet your expectations later when you receive it in the mail.

Prices can’t be beat: It’s true. Moderately good quality for prices that can’t be beat!

Sizing is questionable: You can eliminate the headache (and this problem) by knowing your own measurements before making any purchase online.

Lets compare SheIn to Forever21: I purchased a dress from Forever21 recently to compare the dress with an exact “SAME” dress from SheIn.  Below are some pictures for comparison (lighting was a bit off – Sorry!). As pictured, these items look identical. Forever21’s dress is priced at ~$23; SheIn’s dress is priced at ~$14. However, these items are actually different due to materials. Forever21’s dress: Shell (100% rayon); lining (100% polyester). SheIn’s Dress: Cotton.

Forever21: Dress