Wearing Hot Pink Clothes to Work?!

Sometimes, you just need to wear pink to work. While bright colors is not exactly “faux pas,” it can be difficult to wear a head to toe, hot pink/fuschia look to work.

A pop of color is safe, and a good way to work a little Spring or Summer into your wardrobe. This top was a great find! You can purchase one similar at Express or at Old Navy, and Leaf2 wears it all the time with black or gray (or green), and bright pink lips. It may be wrong, but just that pop of pink adds a great deal of confidence throughout the day.


This pink dress from StyleWe takes pink confidence to the next level! This dress is great for work because the material is great quality, the dress has solid structure through the shoulders and midsection, but isn’t too fitted. The unique neckline isn’t too revealing for work, and the dress is overall super comfortable. It is important to downplay your accessories for a formal work setting in a dress this powerful, but that makes it all the easier to throw on at the last minute.




Friday Finds

It’s FRIYAY!! We’ve found some great skirts and can’t wait to share the news with you! These are our top picks for the Spring/Summer. These skirts are great for work and for fun! Enjoy!

Floral Skirt - LOFT
Floral Skirt: Loft


Ruffle Skirt _Ann Taylor
Ruffled Pencil Skirt: Ann Taylor


Maxi Skirt in Dusty Rose
Maxi Skirt in Dusty Rose: Revolve
Button Midi Skirt_Top Shop
Button Midi Skirt: Top Shop
Jungle Flora Pencil Skirt_Ann Taylor
Jungle Floral Pencil Skirt: Ann Taylor
Button Side Midi Skirt_Top Shopt
Button Side Midi Skirt: Top Shop

What to do when you don’t get the job?

There is no doubt about it, after going through the application and interview process, not getting an offer for the job you wanted can be disheartening. It’s OK to feel upset for a short time, but we did a little research on other things to do to make the best of a disappointing situation.

Thank the interviewers: While you may not have gotten the job, interviewing means that you were considered in the final group of applicants. Interviews take a lot of time to plan and effort to execute completely, so taking the time to thank those involved is a nice way to maintain a connection. Additionally, if you want to be considered for future positions within the company or department, say so. If your dream company or department is hiring again, they may consider you for a position that is a better fit. You never know what may happen in the future, so don’t burn any bridges and maintain an open communication. Do what you can to nurture the connections you made on your interview, and you will be remembered for your gracious response. If it is professionally appropriate, consider reaching out to these connections for future collaboration.

Boho Spirit Thank you Cards: Here; Potpourri Thank you Cards: Here; Chalkboard Thank you Cards: Here

Self-Reflection: This is so important! We have noticed on occasion, that someone may ask for feedback on why they were not selected. According to this article from Forbes.com , that is not a recommendable practice, as it puts the company on the defensive regarding their decision. However, it would be appropriate to self-reflect and reach out to a trusted mentor to ask for advice on what else you can do to expand your CV or resume, or perhaps improve your interviewing and communication skills. One of our favorite books is StrengthsFinder 2.0. This book is designed to help you uncover your strengths an talents so that you can “sell” yourself better.

Find the Silver Lining: Sometimes we get knocked down a time or two before we get to what has been waiting for us. Leaf 1 and Leaf 2 have had our fair share of hardships in life. Regardless of what you believe, it helps to try and think of the positive in any situation. Perhaps this opened the door to a new idea that you can implement to improve your current job, or your resume. Maybe another position is about to open up that is even better. Give yourself a little time to get over the initial shock, but then move on because dwelling on the past won’t change the future.

How to Prepare for An Interview

This morning was “Match-Day”! So it is only fitting that we tackle a big career topic today – How to Prepare for a Job Interview. While different jobs have slightly different key points for preparation, the concepts are the same. We will give you some tips on making sure that you are ready to make a great first impression, and shine during your interview!

1-Research the company, and the position

The internet is a powerful tool, and has changed the landscape of job interviewing. If you have secured an interview at a company or business, check out their website in advance. Familiarize yourself with their Mission Statement and Vision, and be able to speak to how this matches with your own beliefs and professional goals. 

2-Research your interviewers

Often, you will be interviewing with more than one person. A good rule of thumb is that if you have a one on one interview with a person during the day, you should look them up. If nothing else, look up the hiring manager. If you are interviewing for any job in health care, be sure to check PubMed for any article they may have authored recently. This can tell you a lot about the direction of the institution, the interviewer’s professional viewpoints, and potentially give you some insight into the specifics of the program for which you are interviewing. For example, many institutions publish papers regarding major services they have implemented to improve patient care, and it would speak volumes if you have familiarized yourself with what the institution has done to change the landscape of your field. If you don’t have a membership to PubMed, check Google Scholar for peer reviewed articles. 

3-Self Reflect

Sit down with a list of common, traditional job interview questions (like those linked here) and reflect on some scenarios in your professional life that exemplify the type of employee you are. Over the past 10 years, behavioral interviewing has become much more common, particularly in hospital interviews. Behavioral interviewing is a strategy for asking questions about past experiences to predict future behaviors. If you have ever been asked to “describe a time/scenario/situation when..” you are being asked about your previous experiences, and thus engaging in behavioral interviewing. Ensuring that you address the question, and provide a resolution to the problem or scenario presented is the key to a well-rounded answer. For a list of common behavioral interview questions, follow this link here.

4-Bring Copies of your resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) and business cards or contact information

If you have a resume or CV, it is nice to come prepared with additional copies in the event that the interviewers don’t have it or would like an extra copy. Business cards may seem outdated, but some people (like Leaf 2) hang on to every business card they ever receive, and sometimes reach out at a later date. You never know when you may come across the perfect opportunity to reach out to someone you’ve met along the way!

5-Enter the day with an open mind

Be well prepared and be confident! It is natural to get nervous during an interview, but spending some time preparing in advance will help make the day go as smoothly as possible.

6-Strive for professional appearance

See our previous blog on “What to Wear to Interviews”.

Below are some items from Ann Taylor since they have amazing deals going on right now. Be sure to check them out Here!

V-Neck Shirt: Here

One Button Jacket: Here

Trim Blazor: Here

Flare Pants: Here

On a lighter note, it’s FRIDAY and you can find Leaf1 wearing this sweater at the moment! This sweater is 40% off right now. The bell sleeves partially open so it makes this piece extra unique! Get the same sweater here! Size Small (as shown below)

Faux Leather Skirt, Work Appropriate?

So one day, Leaf 1 was in a meeting and this lady walked into the meeting wearing leather skirt. Leaf 1 gasped because 1) She was looking fierce and foxy (at work?) and 2) She was looking good! Apparently,  they did a survey on this topic four years ago! 76 participants voted YES (work appropriate) and 67 participants voted NO.

Both Leaf 1 and Leaf 2 love anything that can be worn for multiple occasions, and that includes leather skirts! Leather skirts can be worn to a happy hour, to a bachelorette party (guilty!), to a special date, and to a girls’ night out! Leaf 1 purchased the leather skirt a few months ago, and she has put it to good use! But what about wearing the faux leather skirt to work? If you’re interested in giving this look a try, here are some tips:

  1. A-line vs. Pencil Leather Skirts: If you’ve never worn a leather skirt to work before, then try the A-line leather skirt first. The A-line shape will create the casual and feminine look, rather than the tough/sleek feel of the leather. Once you’re comfortable strutting the A-line leather skirt around the office, then move on to the pencil leather skirt. Whether A-line and/or pencil leather skirts, make sure the length is appropriate for work!

    Asos: Here ; SheIn: Here

  2. Picking the right top to go with the leather skirt is probably the key to balance the sleek look. Pair the skirt with a top that is feminine without it being racy or raunchy. A button-up shirt is a great option! Denim button-up shirt will make the look so chic and polished.IMG_1705
  3. Complete the look with a flowy /moderately oversized cardigan or blazer. If the look (skirt + top) is simple and clean, pair it with a fun cardigan/blazer. In this case, Leaf 1 paired her outfit with a bomber jacket to welcome Spring. Adding the cardigan/blazer will complete the look at work. You can easily take the cardigan/blazer off once you’re at a happy hour (after work) with your co-workers.

Skirt: Here

Bomber Jacket (Similar above)

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Versatile Dresses

Some work dresses are classics, and some push the fashion envelope, but the fact of the matter is that wearing a dress always makes you feel a little…different. Sometimes they make you feel beautiful, sometimes they make you feel powerful, once in a while they make you really uncomfortable, and sometimes they make you feel like a little kid! Pants just aren’t that emotionally versatile! So while we love pants, we decided to blog about a couple tips and tricks for dresses in the workplace.


Classic LBD: A nice, conservative, black dress (previously worn here) can be the most versatile thing in your closet. With a pair of tights (previously posted here) and classy low heels, you can be dressed appropriately for a day at the computer, giving a speech, or seeing patients. Or all three! By nature, a black dress is a little fancier than other colors, so if you are on a budget, a cheap black dress is a great multitasker. With heels-it can be dressy enough for going out on the town. With flats, it can be worn for everyday activities, or when you’re on the go. With accessories-it looks like a different dress every day.

Jewel Tones: We’ve always loved a pretty, rich, jewel tone (dress above: Old Navy). They’re flattering on everyone for a reason, they’re beautiful! This green beauty, (found on super sale for $8!) looks good even in the depths of Winter (or early Spring here on the East Coast) because it truly flatters every skin tone. Plus, every time of year is a good time for a pretty pop of bright color. Like the LBD, you can dress this up with glitzy shoes (BCBG), accessories, and bag (Kate Spade), but it can also be dressed down with these boots and functional work bag.


Non-fitted dresses: A note about dresses that seem to be baggy-if you like the color and overall style, you can ALWAYS cinch the waist with a good belt. This green dress kind of looks like a sack without the belt, but drawing in the waist allows the fabric to fall loosely, but has a tailored look. This is a GO TO for making a dress more appropriate for a dressier work environment. But for casual wear…let the extra fabric flow! More to come on this topic in a future blog!


How to Wear it to Work: Culottes

I know what you’re thinking..there is no way to wear culottes in a traditional, conservative work setting. However, culottes have gone through a variety of phases, from slouch and casual, to polished and chic. There are even athletic culottes!

Asos: Here and Featured Image

A structured pair of colored culottes (complete with pleats!) pairs well with a button down top, or blouse with ruffles in the front. Tucking your top in creates silhouette, and adding heels, even a kitten heel, can make culottes work-ready. (Below, a good comparison from a work-outfit to a happy-hour outfit with culotte pants!).


Wide legged jumpers can also be great for work. They’re one piece and incredibly comfortable…what more could you want? Leaf 1 paired her culotte jumper (from Target) with a belt, blazer, and heels to create a classic look with a very modern piece. Interestingly, colored culottes are almost easier to dress up than dark colored ones, but the key is structure and a high quality fabric to make culottes work appropriate.

Thanks for reading! We would love to hear your thoughts!